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DeadLINE app offers several features that can help you acomplish a secified task before the dedline is up. You can:
  • track the time and see how much you have left
  • estimate the effective time based on your daily routine activities
  • calculate the time you can spend on routine activities to have the desired free time avaliable
  • check the percent of overall time left
  • use the Pareto principle to maximize your resoults

Date and Time

Set the date and time of upcoming deadline. The date and time should point the future. When you edit the deadline both date and time pickers point to current date and time by default. When you use the app for the first time, the Settings activity shows default values. Set them according to your needs. When you're done and the deadline entered is valid,
you should see the timer screen. If you need to edit any parametrer, return to Settings screen using Android phone Menu button.

Daily routine activities

The sum of seek bars is 24 hours as they corespond to the amound of time you spend on routime activities daily. Think of the time you spend every day on standard activities like dressing, driving, shopping. Input rough values in minutes or estimate the average from few days. Valid average will resoult in more acurate calculation. Keep in mind that the routime tasks time may vary from day to day. You can also check how reducing routine task duration affects your effective time.

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