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Last Chance Reminder

Mark the Last Chance Reminder checkbox to activate the last chance alarm. You'll be notified that you have now less than 20% time left. This percent corresponds to Overall time. The Last Chance Reminder checkbox is by default unchecked, remember to check it each time you edit the deadline. If you edit the deadline the way that the new deadline leaves you less than 20% time, the final alarm will not start. Note: each time you reboot your phone, the deadline will be saved but any alarm will be deleted. Make sure to edit the deadline and check Last Chance Reminder.
Leaving Last Chance Reminder unchecked sets the final alarm only. The deadLINE app uses the alarm sound of Android. You can change it in preferences of your phone.

Editing and setting new deadline

If you have set the deadline, every time you return to the Settings screen, you edit the existing deadline. Notice that the percent do not reset to 100% each time you modify your deadline. It's because the starting point at which the deadline was first set, do not change when you edit the finish point. The percent changes coresponing to the point of time the deadline was first set. Canceling the existing deadline and adding new one will reset the starting point. The new deadline resets the percent left to 100% and counts down from there.

Time left

Presents the overall time left.

Percent left

The percent calculation is based on the time you've set the deadline for the first time. This is the starting time (or zero time). Editing the deadline will not change the zero time.
If you want to recalculate the deadline starting point cancel current deadline and add new one.

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