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Effective time left

Effective time = 24h - Daily Routine Activities
Effective time coresponds to the amoud of time you can spend on your main task. It's the time you should have left after you done with routine activities. Although it has 1 minute precision, you should think of it as an estimation because not every day is likely to be precisly as you describe it in Settings screen. The avaliable time for deadline closing in less than 24 hours is calculated proportionally. Day and night are not differentiated. The effective time will be recalculated based on new values every time you edit the deadline or add a new one.

Routine activities percent

Displays sum of all routine activities as a static percent of 24 hours. This is a static indicator of the percent of your day requred for everyday activities.

Mode indicator

Displays "now you're editing the deadline" which means the percent left and effective percent left will be calculated based on the moment you sucesfully apply the Settings.
Label "now you're editing the deadline" means you change the final date but the initial date is not changed.
Both modes affects the percent left and effective percent left.

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